How to Create an Online Course Learning Management System Platform

Learning Management System

Learning Management System :In recent years, e-learning platforms have big tons. in step with analysis by Courses , on-line courses supply a lot of sensible information and everyday skills development on any subject than ancient education.

This has resulted in a rise within the credibleness of on-line courses, as recruiters themselves have taken these certificates a lot of seriously to rent new professionals.

So it’s forever a good plan to offer back to your community by sharing your learned skills. recognize that you just may also earn some cash from it, that is often welcome.

In this content, you may find out how to form an internet course platform in Learning Management System. By the top of the tutorial, you may perceive however this methodology will facilitate people learn or specialize in a field whereas your financial gain grows.

1. Create an Online Presence

Before you begin performing on your on-line course platform, you would like a reputation. additionally, this name conjointly must have a website obtainable to use. Below area unit some recommendations on the way to produce a website that matches the aim of your on-line teaching platform.

  • Start by group action name concepts, one thing that reflects each your personal style and your niche.
    Check domain handiness employing a web site domain registration and search tool .
  • Give preference to extensions that pass a lot of ancient, like .com or , however you’ll be able to conjointly forever use the more cost-effective ones, like .xyz , that has become more and more common.
    Try to produce one thing short to form it easier for folks that come back to your course web site to recollect.
  • Avoid symbols and numbers, creating your domain a lot of universal.
  • Once you’ve got a website, you may got to host your web site. you’ll be able to get such a service on a hosting web site like Hostinger. the corporate was created to form the user’s life easier with ascendible plans and acceptable tools to develop and establish their on-line journey.
  • To start a web site, we tend to suggest selecting a Premium Shared Hosting arrange, ideal for little and medium businesses.

2. How to Create an Online Course Learning Management System  Platform

Learning Management System Platform

the way to produce an internet Course Learning Management System Platform
Setting up an internet course is way a lot of accessible if you utilize WordPress . The platform has the advantage of getting an enormous library of plugins that may do something you would like.

This includes an internet course web site for you to manage content with all the planned informative material and also the complete videos with the categories that you just area unit aiming to create obtainable. additionally, WordPress is incredibly easy, dispensing with a lot of technical information.

Below area unit a number of the foremost helpful and sure WordPress plugins for you to find out the way to take an internet course..

Learning Management System tutor

This plugin are the middle of your web site – it’s a whole management system that controls everything associated with the virtual learning atmosphere on your web site.

Even for beginners, Tutor Learning Management System has been gaining a lot of prominence because of its giant library of free and paid resources.

You can create an internet course platform with the free version, however its paid options area unit a good investment to require the plugin – and your web site – to ensuing level.

Once you’ve got purchased the plugin, the plugin file are obtainable in your Themeum Dashboard .

Once the .zip file has been downloaded, head to the WordPress instrument panel. Click Plugins > Add New , then click Submit Plugin and choose the file you only downloaded.

Install and activate the plugin. you may conjointly want the free version of Tutor Learning Management System for it to figure utterly. So, within the search field , rummage around for “Learning Management System LMS Tutor” to seek out Free LMS Tutor . Install and activate this free version. And that’s it, you’ve additional the premium version of Tutor Learning Management System to your on-line course web site.


WordPress has several validation systems obtainable to users. maybe the foremost common of those is WooCommerce .

WooCommerce could be a terribly easy-to-use ecommerce plugin: it makes the validation method terribly sleek to handle. additionally, it is free.

With years of expertise and user appreciation, WooCommerce permits you to manage however folks can purchase your courses on-line. it’s an important tool after you area unit coping with your own e-learning web site.

Video Hosting

In the method of making an internet course, you may want an area to firmly store and distribute your video content.

Having such a platform is incredibly necessary after you wish to possess full management over UN agency can really be accessing your content.


vooPlayer could be a video hosting platform that makes a speciality of distributing your videos to your subscribers. To use it, head to their web site and choose an inspiration that most closely fits the scale of your on-line course platform.

After finishing the acquisition, you’ll be able to safely transfer your video content to your vooPlayer web site. We’ll show you ways to try and do this within the steps below.


If you don’t have plans to monetise your course content, choices like YouTube will be terribly reasonable. merely produce associate account (if you don’t have already got one) and begin uploading your materials to the platform.

Once they’re all complete on YouTube, you’ll be able to add them to your course at a later date.
WordPress Themes

WordPress themes enable you to line up a totally original seek for your Learning Management System platform , with the exception of the theme that comes with it by default.

There area unit several choices for themes supported the training Management System platform, some area unit paid, some area unit free. however maybe no different theme will integrate similarly into Tutor professional because the Edumax theme.


Edumax could be a theme that supports all the functions that Tutor Learning Management System has, like a knowledge analysis dashboard, its own web site builder, and so on.

To get Edumax, you initially have to be compelled to head to their web site and complete the acquisition method rather like you probably did with Tutor professional. Then your theme file are out there for transfer in your Themeum Dashboard.

Afterwards, you may be ready to transfer the “.zip” file of the theme, as happened before. Then, simply head to the WordPress board, navigate to look > Themes > Add New > Submit Theme . Then add the “zip” file you only downloaded, install and activate the theme .

3. How to Create an Online Course

Now that you’ve seen all the vital stuff regarding making an internet course platform, it’s time to target making specialised content. Tutor LMS Learning Management System professional offers 2 other ways to form courses, every with its own options and appropriate for 2 forms of instructors.

.Back-End Course Builder (Built-in)

This course builder are often found within the WordPress admin board. to feature a replacement course, navigate to Tutor LMS Learning Management System professional > Courses > Add New and you may be taken to a course creation page.

One of the simplest things regarding Tutor LMS Learning Management System is that the whole course are often created from this single page, in spite of course size and content size.

From this page, you’ll begin adding course content like Title , Description , Tags , and Featured pictures . If you wish to limit the amount of scholars, you’ll fill within the most Students field to outline the amount you wish. you’ll conjointly set the issue Level for the course.

If your course has personal attachments, like worksheets or apply materials, you’ll place them within the Attachments field . this may be out there for your students to transfer and complete the course.

After that, you’ll produce a requirement for your course, one thing your students can have to be compelled to complete before finishing their enrollment. in an exceedingly random example, a sophisticated Java Algorithms course may solely be accessed once the scholar completed the fundamental Programming Languages ​​course .

Now, on to the most a part of the course – the net course builder itself. Here you add Topics , provides it a reputation and embrace a table of contents. The course hierarchy could seem a touch confusing, however you’ll find out how it all works over time. every of those topics will have Quizzes and Assignments , .

Lessons contain most of the course content . once making a category, you’ll name it, similarly as a outline of its content, out there materials, a featured image and a companion video.

And, if you’re exploitation vooPlayer, you’ll introduce (Embed) a video into content quickly.

To do this, head to your account within the app and duplicate the embedded code from it. Paste this code within the category creation field. this may mechanically pull the vooPlayer video into your course. identical are often finished your video on YouTube, however during this case, simply copy the direct link from the app to the content of your category.

You will conjointly need to use the Quizzes perform for every topic. Let’s speak a touch regarding the survey manager below. except that, you’ll conjointly add Associate in Nursing Introductory Video (Intro Video), that is nothing quite a presentation of your video course to steer users’ attention.

Once you’ve additional all the content for a lesson, you’ll finally click Publish . From here, users of your on-line course platform and alternative web guests are ready to read your course. they’re going to have to be compelled to register for the course to start out learning.


Front-End Course Builder (External)

This course builder is one in all the distinctive options of Tutor professional. It permits new instructors to be ready to use all the training Management System functions while not having to travel to the plugin’s board when they have to form or edit one thing from their courses.

But remember that, even exploitation this road, you may still have to be compelled to approve the publication of every post through the admin panel (backend shown within the previous step).
4. How to Create Questionnaires and Answers

The thanks to produce quizzes is that the same on the backend and frontend after all creators. Tutor Learning Management System permits you to form up to ten forms of queries for college students, with every kind having its own benefits and customization choices.

After giving the form a reputation an elective Description , you’ll begin adding queries and answers to them. you’ll set the inquiries to be random similarly because the correct answer employing a checkbox field.

It is conjointly doable to outline the importance of every question, delimiting totally different scores for every answer. this is often terribly helpful once you’re coming up with queries with a lot of open-ended answers that need justification and transcend verity or False flag

5. Monetization and Integration with WooCommerce

To make your course premium, you initially have to be compelled to add a WooCommerce Product. To do this, head to the WordPress admin board. Navigate to WooCommerce > product > Add New

From here, you produce a reputation for the merchandise , its description , place a daily value and a promotional value .

You can conjointly schedule a promotion for every product you produce. additionally, make sure that the For Tutor choice is checked so the Tutor LMS Learning Management System will use this calendar to synchronize promotions to calendars and product purchasable. once adding the merchandise, you’ll publish it ( Publish).


With Tutor LMS  Learning Management System , WooCommerce and vooPlayer , you can create a very competent, efficient online course platform without any difficulty. In the same way as these platforms have grown each year , your business will follow the same destination on this new journey. So what are you waiting for? Get a domain and start sharing your knowledge!

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