Empowering Professionals is an agile way with an LMS Platform

Computing has revolutionized just about all market segments in recent decades. Sectors like health, security, commerce, and even education underwent forceful changes and had their processes optimized by technology. during this context, company education has conjointly modified. The coaching of pros and therefore the relationship with the shopper became even a lot of agile with the support of solutions like  LMS platform.

The LMS platform, Learning Management System , brings innovations and enhancements to any distance coaching strategy. due to this, manufacturing on-line courses has become one amongst the simplest ways that to make relationships with the general public and invest in coaching professionals.

However, in  economical distance learning strategy it’s not enough to only turn out content. it’s essential to own a tool that stores distributes categories in an accessible method. That’s why we’re progressing to show you the W3 Academy success case.

At first, with the event of  LMS Platform, W3 Academy, one amongst our customers, manages to produce data and skilled qualification with agile and uncomplicated processes, that improves the engagement and skill of any participant within the courses.

Want to grasp however this works in apply and why partnering with AWS was therefore important? scan on to find out a lot of from this fortunate case study.

.What is W3 Academy?

The objective of the partnership between W3 Academy and iZap Softworks was to produce the general public inquisitive about management with the simplest qualification and skilled coaching, aiming at the event of labor groups and therefore the growth of firms normally.

However, to perform this with efficiency, it absolutely was necessary to make a sensible and simply accessible coaching platform, capable of facilitating and enriching the users’ study expertise. After all, every day, professionals from all areas obtain new data and {a method how some way the simplest way} to boost their management skills during a dynamic and simplified way.

Thus, once accessing the W3 Academy platform, the user has access to a basic introduction to the most topics coated within the courses given and might select what to check while not feat the location. different elementary processes like registration and payment can even be applied among the platform, that makes the student’s life easier right from the beginning.

Why choose an LMS platform for the project?

 LMS Platform

First of all, one amongst the needs of the project is to supply users a lot of flexibility and legerity throughout the training processes. folks listed in W3 Academy courses, through the LMS platform, will attend categories, perform activities and learn anyplace, whether or not within the comfort of home, throughout lunch or on the thanks to and from work.

In this sense, the implementation of LMS platform brings varied new potentialities that any improve distance coaching. The computer code is, in its nature, a legitimate LMS Platform, that is, additionally to creating life easier for the learner, it conjointly provides a lot of resources to people who offer and manage the courses. The technology brings optimizations such as:


  • More accessible learning;
  • Flexibility within the study routine;
  • Access to content on totally different devices and in any location;
  • Cost reduction with personal travel and get of physical materials;
  • More dynamic classes;
  • Ease of observance your own performance;
  • Resources for interacting with instructors and different users; between others..


  • Ease of creating offered and managing content in numerous formats;
  • Processes like registrations, assessments and payments, automated;
  • Creation of learning paths;
  • Customization of the computer code to suit the project objectives;
  • Use of innovative strategies like gamification;
  • Facilitates communication with video conferencing and chat features;
  • Real-time performance of participants;
  • Cost reduction with physical location, supplying and materials;
  • More engaged audience;
  • More engaging learning processes; between others.
    Can you imagine what proportion your own platform will boost a distance coaching project? See currently what proportion the expertise of iZap Softworks contributed to the success of the W3 Academy platform.

How did iZap Softworks expertise contribute to the LMS platform?

LMS Platform : As a technological partner, iZap Softworks focuses on the event of digital solutions and encompasses a team of specialists with the mandatory expertise to make exclusive comes, per the urgency and want of organizations.

In this method, technologies utilized in the comes enable firms to produce courses, e-books, podcasts, additionally to victimisation interaction and observance resources. Here area unit a number of the most features:

  • Centralized learning;
  • certifications;
  • Video Library;
  • Various media;
  • Customized training;
  • Inclusion/Mobility and Accessibility;
  • Assessments;
  • Personalized access expertise – Social Login;
  • Gamification;
  • Tests;
  • E-commerce courses;
  • Reports;
  • Consulting and technical support;
  • Application;
  • Real-time chat;
  • Webinars and Webconferencing;
  • Doubts forum;
  • Integrated payment system.
    However, specifically within the W3 Academy project, the corporate had initial plan and therefore the resources offered by the platform, along with the organization’s business strategy, generated outstanding potentialities.

    According to Ana Marilce, selling organizer at W3ERP, the corporate accountable for the W3 Academy, the most goal was to make a course LMS Platform wherever customers and therefore the market normally might have access to content associated with management, but later, new potentialities appeared.

    “We found that additionally to having the ability to use the platform to show a couple of wide selection of management-related subjects, like money management, business management, among others, we have a tendency to might improve our relationship with the client. during this method, we have a tendency to stopped delivering solely generic courses and commenced to deal with specific topics, teaching customers regarding options and modules of our tools , for example”, rumored Ana Marilce

How partnering with AWS facilitates project success

With Amazon internet Services, increasing or decreasing information storage capability has become an especially pushover, that will increase the productive potential of our team. this permits U.S. to pay longer on real client desires than on infrastructure provisioning and management.

Amazon SES, on the opposite hand, provides our team with an especially economical, secure and affordable transactional email service, enhancing the flexibility of end-users to have interaction with the LMS Platform

For a lot of peculiar and hard comes, wherever low latency may be a basic demand, we have a tendency to use Amazon CloudFront as a content delivery service (CDN). This, additionally to fast the delivery of the platform to the tip user, permits elaborate caching configuration and helps shield against DDoS attacks and against attacks at the applying layer, through integration with the AWS internet Application Firewall (WAF).


After reading this text, it becomes easier to know the importance of AN LMS platform during a distance learning strategy, particularly once it involves company coaching.

All the resources ANd functionalities created on the market to the W3 Academy project allowed the organization to deliver content to its audience in an agile, dynamic and engaging means, even serving to coach customers and gift new modules and options of its product.

Finally, it’s necessary to recollect that the advantages of a package don’t seem to be restricted to the users’ expertise, however additionally boost the company’s management power, that manages to possess full management over the educational processes utilized in the courses and additionally the participants’ performance.

Likewise, all this, reborn into information updated in real time, is crucial to create timely maintenance of the strategy and make sure that your coaching or course is truly effective.

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