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We continue to spend 2021 in the shadow of the pandemic. This process has deeply affected everyone, from top management to all components of the organisation. As such, there was a noticeable decrease in the performance of employees who could not use their potential to the fullest even before the pandemic. Therefore, performance management has started to find more place among the main issues that organizations focus on. In order to adapt to the changing world, it is critical that organizations act faster in adopting agile performance management and revise their demands from employees in business life where expectations change.

Organizations have made change and transformation the cornerstone of their institutions today. A system in which employees are evaluated based on their past or daily performance is no longer valid. At this point, the need for agility comes into play. Organizations that put agility in their center managed this crisis process more easily caused by the pandemic and were able to continue their work without significant loss of productivity after the crisis.

In this e-book, which we have compiled as HBR Turkey and Twiser, we aimed to inspire the business world by discussing how the new generation and agile management can take the success of organizations one step further and increase productivity.

In this direction, he discussed in detail the positive contributions of OKRs to companies with the article titled “Use OKRs to Set Goals for Teams Instead of Individuals” and the interview titled “The OKR Age in Performance Management” about OKRs, which are new generation performance management tools. Exploring” and “Agility in the Time of Covid-19” research will offer you different perspectives.